Alien and Predator Collection Grid Xenomorph Figure

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"How do you say 'scared s**tless' in Italian?" The "alpha Alien" in the 2004 crossover film Alien vs. Predator, "Grid" was a Xenomorph named for the crosshatch scarring on its skull, the result of being caught in a Predator net. This chilling 1:16 scale Alien and Predator Collection Grid Xenomorph Figure with Magazine places Grid in the depths of the Predator's pyramid, standing atop the skulls of countless sacrificial victims. Measuring roughly 5 2/5-inches tall, the hand-painted replica is cast in metallic resin and was designed using materials straight from the film studio. Add it to your AVP collection today! Ages 14 and up.

Xenomorph Grid spawned after human intervention activated an ancient Alien pyramid beneath the Arctic in Alien vs Predator. Also known as "Nethead" and the "alpha-Alien," Grid hunted humans and Predators alike, racking up an impressive kill-count with its vicious double-jaws and lethal prehensile tail.

Collect all the iconic creatures from Alien and Predator with these collector's editions! Each sold separately.
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